Louise Penny Next Book – Armand Gamache #19 Update

Great news for fans of Louise Penny waiting for the next Chief Inspector Armand Gamache book.

The author has teased the upcoming release of Armand Gamache Book 19 on Facebook:

Look! Yippeee….now, onto the second draft. But the hardest part is done… I wanted you to know.

Penny also offered a tease of the completed first draft with the words “The End”, via the following photo:

new Armand Gachmace book

UPDATE (September 21, 2023): The news gets better for Gamache fans. Penny has teased that she is working on the third and penultimate draft of the upcoming release:

Working on third draft of the next Gamache. One more draft then I give it to Lise and my agent…then curl into a fetal position until I hear…

Track and countdown with us! Don’t miss out on the next Louise Penny book in the Armand Gamache series, not to mention other new and upcoming releases from Louise Penny.

6 thoughts on “Louise Penny Next Book – Armand Gamache #19 Update”

    • Honestly I enjoyed watching the show but I wished they had left the three main Sûreté du Québec characters as they were in the book and not fiddled with the death events of Armand’s parents plus he was a much younger boy when they died . Ending the show abruptly with that cliffhanger ending was a slap in the face to all of us who watched the progression. I guess it didn’t attract as many viewers as some of their other ensemble shows . But we have the books to cheer us on !

  1. Waiting with bated breath for the next Gamache book. I have read every one , they are exactly what a good book should be. Thank you Louise


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