What Happened To The McCrays?

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A book by Tracey Lange

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 What Happened To The McCrays?  Release Date: August 27, 2024

What Happened To The McCrays?

“What Happened to the McCrays? is the story of a man and a woman who need to heal, and the middle school hockey team that might help them get there. When Kyle McCray gets word his father has suffered a debilitating stroke he returns to his hometown of Potsdam, New York, even though he expects to see few friendly faces there.

Kyle left Potsdam suddenly two and a half years earlier, bailing on people who depended on him: his father, his employees, his friends-not to mention Casey, his ex-wife of sixteen years, a beloved teacher known for her selfless deeds. Kyle’s plan is to lie low and help his dad recuperate until he can leave town again, especially after Casey makes it clear she wants him gone. But the longer he’s home the more Kyle understands the deeper impact his departure had on the people he left behind. Including Casey, who doesn’t seem to be doing as well as she’d like everyone to believe.

He begins to find compassion in unexpected places, like his ex-brother-in-law. And he’s presented with opportunities to find redemption, particularly when he agrees to temporarily coach the floundering junior hockey team. But whether Kyle stays in Potsdam or leaves again, he and Casey must finally confront the awful pain of the past if they stand a chance of healing. This novel takes an intimate look at both sides of a marriage that has suffered trauma. It is ultimately a story about the resilience of love and family and the power of community. A deeply empathetic story”

Genre:  General Fiction 

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