We’re Not Ourselves Today

A book by Lydia Prime

A book by Jill Girardi

We’re Not Ourselves Today was released on March 16, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 We’re Not Ourselves Today  Release Date: March 16, 2024

We’re Not Ourselves Today


The grisly, green-skinned Librarian from Kandisha Press returns, presenting thirteen pulp horror tales by the Mavens of the Macabre, Lydia Prime and Jill Girardi. Stories filled with razor-sharp teeth and buckets of blood and popcorn. Some old, some new, ALL terrifying! Continuing Kandisha’s mission to promote women horror authors worldwide!

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“Wildly reminiscent of the pulpy storytelling of Weird Tales and the taboo terrors of the old EC Horror comics, We’re Not Ourselves Today is a scare fest you won’t want to miss! Your host, The Librarian, has darkly delicious tales to share. Spine-tingling yarns that will cause you to sleep with the lights on… if you can even sleep at all!”- Ronald Kelly, Author of Fear and The Essential Sick Stuff

“Girardi and Prime effortlessly blend horror, fantasy, science fiction, and all the strange spaces in-between in their otherworldly collaboration, We’re Not Ourselves Today. It’s a phantasmagoric delight!” — Kenzie Jennings, author of Reception and Always Listen To Her Hurt

“For a shrieking good time with old-school movie vibes, We’re Not Ourselves Today, is all that and more. Strong leads, feminine horror, creatures, cryptids and terror galore, Lydia Prime and Jill Girardi hit a home run with this collection straight out of the paperbacks from hell era!” – Candace Nola, author of Bishop & Desperate Wishes

“Looking through Girardi’s Americana gothica lens and ardent love for Malaysia, paired with Prime’s brazen descriptors of how someone can be decimated, you’ll see the world through cracked glass, forcing yourself to question if you truly feel like yourself today.” – Patrick R. McDonough, author and editor of Hot Iron and Cold Blood: An Anthology of the Weird West

“We’re Not Ourselves Today by Lydia Prime & Jill Girardi melted my freakin’ face off! Yeah, it is that good. Its gruesome brutality, non-stop tension, and occasional humor makes for one undeniable anthology.” – Daemon Manx, author of The Ojanox Series, Abigail, and Manx-iety

“Dirty deeds, dark humour, buckets of gore, vile creatures – and human beings who are even worse – populate this splendid two-woman collection from rock goddesses of horror Lydia Prime and Jill Girardi…These brilliant, vicious little tales will wrap their tentacles around you and refuse to let you go.” – Anna Taborska, award-winning author of For Those Who Dream Monsters and Bloody Britain

“A sleek, dark and disturbing journey into terror, this book collects 13 macabre tales from the wonderfully twisted minds of Lydia Prime and Jill Girardi that are as much fun as they are unsettling. Take the ride, you’ll be glad you did!” —Greg F. Gifune, author of Smoke in Crimson

“The collection of tales from two of the most original female authors writing today will make you cringe with delight and disgust! Jill Girardi and Lydia Prime offer readers stories full of visceral imagery, clever characters, and all manner of eclectic demons and situations punctuated with plenty of scares combined with a solid dose of wit and imaginative writing.” – Ruthann Jagge, author of The New Girls’ Patient and Delevan House (w/Natasha Sinclair)

“The most enjoyable, macabre collection I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time.” – Dawn Shea, owner of D&T Publishing

Genre:  Horror 

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