Unless It’s You

Unless It’s You was released on April 15, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Unless It’s You  Release Date: April 15, 2024

Unless It’s You


Stella Hart, an American advertising executive living in London, is reeling from the death of her beloved aunt. But Stella learns her aunt included a stipulation in the will: a bucket list Stella must complete within a month, or the estate—meant for her and her sisters—goes to charity.

The entire list is unreasonable, especially the final item, where she needs to Find the One that Got Away. The last thing she wants to do is face her ex.

Ethan Fraser is not Stella’s ex-boyfriend—that title belongs to his best friend, who got him through a traumatizing childhood. Ethan’s a grumpy, bearded, ex-professional rugby player who can’t bring himself to enter the flat of his late troubled mother. When they’re forced to collaborate on a work project, both find themselves remembering the night they kissed, days before she started dating his best friend.

Ethan wants to hate her for choosing someone else, just like his mother always did, but he can’t fight his attraction to Stella. So when she needs an advisor for the list, he offers to help, and the time spent together re-ignites their chemistry. But Ethan’s fierce loyalty to his best friend stands between them.

With a looming deadline for their project and the bucket list, soon everything bringing Stella and Ethan together will disappear… unless Stella figures out what that final item—and the whole list—really means.

Tropes in Unless It’s You:

•Enemies to lovers

•Second chance

•Bucket list

•English ex-pro rugby player

•American FMC in her 30s

•Hot man with a kitten•

Light sports romance

•Open door/ medium spice

Unless It’s You is the second book in the Hart Sisters trilogy, but can be read as a standalone romance novel.

Genre:  Romance 

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