Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger

A book by James Patterson

Tiger, Tiger was released on February 14, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Tiger, Tiger  Release Date: February 14, 2024

Tiger, Tiger

How did Tiger Woods become the greatest of all time?

And how did he fall so spectacularly?

Tiger Woods is unrivalled as an athlete. He made the ultimate commitment to his chosen sport – and transformed it.

Before the age of twenty-five, he rose to phenomenon status: twice named ‘Sportsman of the Year’ by Sports Illustrated, champion of more than thirty professional tournaments and the youngest player to win all four Grand Slam tournaments.

Tiger, Tiger taps into the transformative moments of Woods’s life, revealing in vivid, dramatic scenes what he saw and felt on the course and in his inner life – from his only ‘perfect’ shot to his missed first putt at the 1995 Masters through his recent comeback tours.

Through a compelling series of original interviews, passionate golfer James Patterson and golf reporter Peter de Jonge get inside the impossible mystery of a global star.



‘Patterson knows where our deepest fears are buried… there’s no stopping his imagination’ NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

‘A writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting’ GUARDIAN

‘The master storyteller of our times’ HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent – which is what Jim has, in spades’ LEE CHILD

Patterson boils a scene down to the single, telling detail, the element that defines a character or moves a plot along. It’s what fires off the movie projector in the reader’s mind’ MICHAEL CONNELLY

James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ IAN RANKIN

It’s no mystery why James Patterson is the world’s most popular thriller writer … Simply put: nobody does it better’ JEFFREY DEAVER

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