The Wrong Hands (Detective Miller Novels #2)

The Wrong Hands (Detective Miller Novels #2)

A book by Mark Billingham

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 The Wrong Hands (Detective Miller Novels #2)  Release Date: July 23, 2024

The Wrong Hands (Detective Miller Novels #2)

This is one case Miller won’t want to open . . .

Unconventional Detective Declan Miller has a problem. Still desperate to solve the murder of his wife, a young man has just appeared on his doorstep with a briefcase . . . containing a pair of severed hands.

Miller knows this case is proof of a contract killing commissioned by local ne’er do well Wayne Cutler – a man he suspects might also be responsible for his wife’s death. Now Miller has leverage, but unfortunately he also has something that both Cutler and a villainous fast-food kingpin are desperate to get hold of.

Chuck in a Midsomer Murders-obsessed hitman, a psychotic welder and a woman driven over the edge by a wayward Crème Egg, and Miller is in a mess that even he might not be able to dance his way out of.

Genre:  Thriller 

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