The Songbird Of Hope Hill

The Songbird Of Hope Hill was released on April 9, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 The Songbird Of Hope Hill  Release Date: April 9, 2024

The Songbird Of Hope Hill

A young woman longs to know true love after escaping from a hopeless situation at a house of ill repute in this heartwarming novel inspired by historical events—from the bestselling author of A Tapestry of Grace .

Birdie Clarkson only recently started working at Lida’s Palace, a house of ill repute at the edge of Tulsey, Texas. Abandoned and penniless, she turned to someone she thought was a friend, but instead it turned out to be a nightmare. She wants to leave, but doesn’t know how. And how will she ever feel clean again?

When Reverend Isaiah Overly and his son, Ephraim, arrive offering a safe haven and better life for any of the women who want to leave, Birdie takes a chance. Ignoring the madam’s furious raging, she climbs into the back of the preacher’s wagon.

The Reverend and his wife, Ophelia, welcome Birdie to Hope Hill, which they founded as a haven to teach women how to read and write, how to keep a house, and other skills necessary to ensure their future will be brighter than their past. Hesitant at first, Birdie soon joins the preacher at revival meetings and becomes part of the chorus, singing alongside Ephraim.Reverend Overly’s ministry is built on the premise than none are irredeemable.

When romance develops between Ephraim and Birdie, will Ephraim be able to convince Birdie that God’s redemption wipes the soul clean—or will she feel forever smeared?

Genre:  Historical Fiction 

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