The Life And Death Of Rose Doucette

A book by Harry Hunsicker

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 The Life And Death Of Rose Doucette  Release Date: October 1, 2024

The Life And Death Of Rose Doucette

Dallas PI Dylan Fisher thought he was done with his ex-wife— but now he’s solving her murderDallas private investigator Dylan Fisher hasn’ t seen his ex-wife, Rose, in three years— which is why he’ s surprised when she asks him to meet her at a hotel.

Rose Doucette is a homicide detective, and she wants Dylan’ s help with a murder investigation that she’ s been asked to step back from but can’ t seem to let go. They review the details of the case and part ways— but as Rose is leaving the parking lot, Dylan sees a suspicious car begin to follow her. Feeling uneasy, he tails the car and tries to warn Rose, but he’ s too late— the driver of the car shoots her, killing her instantly, before speeding away.

The police are determined to pin the murder on Dylan, so he’ s left with no choice but to find the killer himself. Teaming up with Rose’ s widower, a defense attorney named Tito, the pair dive into Rose’ s past to figure out who could’ve wanted to kill the woman they both loved— and what they were trying to hide. Perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and Robert Crais

Genre:  Mystery 

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