The Great Dating Fake-Off

A book by Livy Hart

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 The Great Dating Fake-Off  Release Date: August 6, 2024

The Great Dating Fake-Off

One over-the-top Italian wedding. Two fake couples. And a million hilariously disastrous possibilities…

Nora D’Amato would do almost anything for her best friend. Pretend she’s smitten with him to get his overly invested Italian family off his back? Absolutely. Attend a wedding for said overbearing family? Bring it. Spend the next six days at a posh resort watching the bride and groom’s families hate on each other? Pass the popcorn.

There’s only one tiny little hiccup. Nora’s crush—and the object of some very inappropriate thoughts—is here, too. And looking so delectable that she could spoon him faster than stracciatella gelato in a heat wave.

But Sebastian Rossi isn’t available…officially. He’s here with his fake wedding date. And he owes her big time for keeping an eye on his nonna while he’s away months at a time for work. A week in the Adirondacks is a piece of overly frosted cake. Besides, it’s not as though he can have a real relationship when he’s constantly on the move. Definitely not with the cute bookstore manager he can’t stop thinking about.

And a wedding war zone with two feuding families is not the time or place for flirting or sexy sneak-arounds. Everyone is watching—whether it’s during the pickleball tournament, the angry patriarch showdowns, or even the bull-riding bachelorette party. This wedding is one slipped fauxcade away from catastrophe, and if Nora and Sebastian can’t keep to their own sides of the aisle, they risk exposing the very secrets they’re sworn to protect.

Genre:  Romance 

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