The Gods Below (The Gods Below #1)

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 The Gods Below (The Gods Below #1)  Release Date: September 5, 2024

The Gods Below (The Gods Below #1)

The Gods Below begins a sweeping new epic fantasy series from Sunday Times bestselling author Andrea Stewart, where two sisters finds themselves on the opposite sides of a clandestine war against the gods

After a divine war shattered the world, humanity struck a pact with the god Kluehnn: in return for regular tribute of magical gems, Kluehnn would restore the world to its former glory. But the pact carries a heavy price. With each land restored, its people are physically altered – and not always for the better.

When Hakara’s homeland is set to be restored, she flees for the border with her sister Rasha. Escaping into the neighboring kingdom is the only way they can save their humanity. But tragedy strikes when they’re separated and Hakara is forced to go on alone.

Taking on a mining job to survive, she discovers she’s able to channel the magical power of the gems she’s pulling from the earth. Soon she’s contacted by a secret society dedicated to overthrowing the God Pact, who want her to join their clandestine war against Kluehnn. Hakara refuses their advances, until they make a startling claim.

They know where Rasha is. And they can help Hakara rescue her.
But only if she joins them.

Praise for Andrea Stewart:

‘One of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time . . .This book is truly special’ Sarah J. Maas

‘Epic fantasy at its most human and heartfelt . . . inventive, adventurous and wonderfully written’ Alix E. Harrow

‘Brilliant world-building, deep intrigue and incredible heart’ Megan E. O’Keefe

‘Action-packed, must-read epic fantasy . . . One of the best debut fantasy novels of the year’ Buzzfeed

‘This brilliant fantasy debut has announced Andrea Stewart as quite possibly the best newcomer of the year’ Novel Notions

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Genre:  Fantasy 

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