The Garden Party

A book by Wendy Clarke

The Garden Party was released on March 14, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 The Garden Party  Release Date: March 14, 2024

The Garden Party

It’s so kind of our neighbours to throw this party welcoming us to our new home. My husband and I finally moved to the right place. A happy, safe street where nobody knows about my mistakes. But I soon learn their smiling faces hide even deadlier secrets…

As I take in the little plates of sandwiches arranged over checked tablecloths, the lavish cocktails, and children playing, I finally feel happy in my new home with Owen. I love hearing the gossip from the local families; the whispers about which wives I should avoid, and which husbands sneak out at night.

But then I notice that the mother at number 3, Phillipa, is completely ignoring her sweet little girl. All blue-eyed Lexi wants is for her mother to play with her. And as Lexi pulls on Phillipa’s skirt, I’m certain I hear the woman threaten to smack her.

Isn’t anyone going to say something? Even as I’m filled with rage, terrible memories flood back: of standing in a cold, thin hospital gown, hearing I may never have my own biological child.And then a shout pierces my memory.

Lexi has run away from her mother and nearly fallen into the large, deep pond in the middle of the green. Everyone rushes over to comfort her, while Philippa stays at the party to top up her drink.I promised Owen I’d put my past behind me so that we could start a new life. But some people don’t deserve to become mothers. I plaster a smile onto my face. I need to befriend Philippa. And do whatever it takes to keep Lexi safe…

A twisty and utterly unputdownable thriller about the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Fans of Lisa Jewell, Freida McFadden and K.L. Slater will be up all night desperate to keep reading.

Genre:  Mystery 

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