The Fractured Court (The Silent Guardians #1)

The Fractured Court (The Silent Guardians #1)
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The Fractured Court (The Silent Guardians #1) was released on April 9, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 The Fractured Court (The Silent Guardians #1)  Release Date: April 9, 2023

The Fractured Court (The Silent Guardians #1)

In the depths of my soul, I yearned for nothing more than to ensure the safety of my beloved brother. Little did I know that my quest for his well-being would plunge me into a world of unimaginable chaos and turmoil.

The aftermath of the War of Ruin had left our world in tatters, torn apart by hatred and animosity. As a simple thief, my goal was to create a haven for my brother, to offer him a life he rightfully deserved. However, it became abundantly clear that every individual, regardless of their origins – be it demon, Fae, human, or one of the Fallen – held intrinsic value.

Centuries had passed since the last known encounter with a Fallen, their presence now a distant memory. Yet, against all odds, one appeared in the depths of the Forest of Malice, just outside the capital. What enigmatic knowledge did this being possess? What truths lay hidden within their existence? Only through my incessant curiosity could I hope to unravel the enigma before us.

Within the sacred confines of the Human Court, something sinister brewed, far darker than the devastating wars that claimed the dragons or shattered our world. I could sense it, and so could the Nightwalkers – beings born of darkness. This time, their malevolence threatened to consume everything dear to us.

It was not only the safety of my brother that hung in the balance, but the lives of every soul. If only the dragons still soared through the sky, if only the gods had not perished. If only the God of Nightmares had an ounce of humanity within him.

With trepidation in my heart and fire in my spirit, I embarked on a crusade to protect all that I cherished. No obstacle would deter me, no sacrifice too great. For love, for justice, my unwavering determination surged forth, fueling my relentless pursuit of a brighter future, where hope would triumph over the encroaching darkness.

Trigger warning: This passionate tale contains references to self-harm and may evoke intense emotions.

Genre:  Fantasy 

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