The Brightest of Stars (Night Tales)

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A book by Nora Roberts

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 The Brightest of Stars (Night Tales)  Release Date: August 20, 2024

The Brightest of Stars (Night Tales)

Their love shines brightest on the darkest of nights


The moment her eyes locked on Colt Nightshade, she knew he was trouble. But Lieutenant Althea Grayson prided herself on being in control, and she wouldn’t let her new partner ruin that. The man was a renegade, had no respect for rules—and the worst part was he got to her. The way he challenged Althea’s thinking, stared right into her eyes…and held her in his arms. What defense could her heart have when Nightshade didn’t play fair?

Night Smoke

Arson investigator Ryan Piasecki was a man who got the job done no matter the obstacle…or how beautiful she was. Ambitious executive Natalie Fletcher’s new business was going up in smoke, literally, and she needed Ryan’s help to catch the arsonist. But if he wasn’t careful, the sparks flying between him and this hothouse rose would erupt into a five-alarm blaze—and they’d both be engulfed by the night smoke.

Genre:  Romance 

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