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Sunhead was released on May 7, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Sunhead  Release Date: May 7, 2024


In this queer coming-of-age teen graphic novel by breakout talent Alex Assan, high schooler Rotem feels herself growing apart from her friends in a million inexpressible ways.

But when her classmate Ayala takes an interest in her latest obsession—a vampire romance novel called Sunrise—Rotem suddenly feels a little less alone and more like herself than ever before. This incisive and stunningly gorgeous debut is perfect for fans of Bloom and Gender Queer.

Rotem is a Sunhead, a fan of the international smash hit Sunrise series of books and films. There’s just something about the book that speaks to her. She’s obsessed with the main character, Edmund, and no one else gets it. But all that changes when she befriends Ayala, a shy classmate and avid book lover who seems to be as swept away by the romance as she is. The two become fast friends, but as their deep connection grows stronger, Rotem starts to wonder: what exactly draws her to this story?

Alex Assan’s debut Sunhead is an earnest coming-of-age graphic novel that explores how the stories we love help us understand our friendships, our relationships, and ourselves.

Genre:  Graphic Novel 

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