Romancing On Jeju

A book by Hyun-Joo Park

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 Romancing On Jeju  Release Date: August 20, 2024

Romancing On Jeju

This atmospheric novel about friendship and self-discovery from Korean author Hyun-Joo Park buzzes with romance, mystery, and just a hint of danger.

Romi is an illustrator and hopeless romantic. When she can’t stop obsessing over a brief encounter with a handsome stranger, there’s just one thing to hop on a plane and find him.

But Romi’s not leaving without her two best friends. Hadam, a budding filmmaker, suggests the trip in the first place.

Facing her fear of failure, she envisions Romi’s search for love as the perfect subject for her first documentary. And Chakyung, marketing pro, sees a chance to build a new ad campaign for her cosmetics client—plus get some quality “me time” to figure out why she’s secretly so unhappy.

The journey from Seoul to Jeju Island goes off without a hitch. The emerald waterfalls and sandy beaches are a balm to the trio’s souls. But then misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and a mysterious stalker stir up trouble in paradise. Will a conspiracy to nab a legendary queen bee keep these friends from discovering real love—and purpose?

Genre:  Romance 

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