Peking Duck And Cover (Noodle Shop Mystery #10)

A book by Vivien Chien

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 Peking Duck And Cover (Noodle Shop Mystery #10)  Release Date: July 23, 2024

Peking Duck And Cover (Noodle Shop Mystery #10)

Lana Lee and friends return for a fiery Chinese New Year celebration that rattles their quaint community. After all, an Asia Village party wouldn’t be complete without an explosive finale.

Chinese New Year is supposed to be a time of fresh beginnings and celebrations of good fortune to come. Naturally, the shop owners of Asia Village jump at the chance to support property manager Ian Sung when he suggests creating a memorable holiday event that will bring positive light to the plaza, and prosperity for all those involved.

With Lana Lee as his right-hand woman and head event planner, Ian orchestrates an extravagant evening filled with music, live entertainment, and generous giveaways. But at the end of the night, during an elaborate firework show in the parking lot, a member of the lion dance performance team is found dead backstage with a single bullet hole through the heart and a red envelope in their pocket containing four one-dollar bills–an omen of death.

Ian Sung takes it upon himself, again enlisting Lana’s help, to find out who could have killed the talented dancer right under their nose.

Genre:  Cozy Mystery 

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