Paragon’s Fall (Homeworld Lost #4)

Paragon's Fall (Homeworld Lost #4)

A book by J N Chaney

A book by Scott Moon

Paragon’s Fall (Homeworld Lost #4) was released on August 27, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Paragon’s Fall (Homeworld Lost #4)  Release Date: August 27, 2023

Paragon’s Fall (Homeworld Lost #4)

Noah Gantz and his Kayan crew deserve to celebrate their victory over General Tate Collins. With the greatest threat to galactic peace since the Big Bang locked away in a United Earth prison, they are headed back to the Reach and feeling good.

Unfortunately a distress call from the three missing United Earth Deep Space (UEDS) exploration vessels cancels their plans. Noah and his friends head for Destinia, the Hoyon seed world they left behind early in their adventures. Celia Kilis, the new captain of the Kayan hunter, the Kon, has found the developing planet and wants her brother back immediately.

She’ll do whatever it takes to continue the mission she and her brother, Ryg, have shared since childhood—even if it means inviting the Seer armada back to finish their conquest of this galaxy and beyond.

Can Noah and his Kayan crew stop an intergalactic nightmare before it starts? Will they heed 98X’s warning to steer clear of Talcordor? The smart money, and a couple of pineapple pizzas, is on the underdog. They’re full of Earth coffee and good intentions. What could possibly go wrong?

Genre:  Science Fiction 

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