On Her Watch (Bree Taggert #8)

On Her Watch (Bree Taggert #8)

A book by Melinda Leigh

On Her Watch (Bree Taggert #8) was released on May 14, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 On Her Watch (Bree Taggert #8)  Release Date: May 14, 2024

On Her Watch (Bree Taggert #8)

Sheriff Bree Taggert becomes a target when she follows the twisting trail of a serial killer in a bone-chilling novel of suspense by #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh.

A pair of hikers find a tarp-wrapped body in a clearing in the woods. When a search in the surrounding area yields two more, Sheriff Bree Taggert knows they’ve stumbled onto a serial killer’s dumping ground.

With the help of investigator Matt Flynn, Bree works the case. They go to interview Jana, the best friend of one of the victims. But when they arrive at her apartment, it’s been ransacked and set on fire. And Jana is missing.

It’s clear the killer is escalating. To make matters worse, he threatens Bree’s family and a young mother vanishes. Will Bree and Matt uncover the link between the victims before more women die?

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