Of Ash & Linen

Of Ash & Linen

A book by Jess Armstrong

Of Ash & Linen was released on February 23, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Of Ash & Linen  Release Date: February 23, 2023

Of Ash & Linen

Monsters exist. She’s stared into their eyes, the crimson voids where humanity once lived. Vicious and feral, they roam the edges of civilization, walking in the forms of men. Their strength is unmatched and their source of power unknown. Until now.

Ava was taken by the red-eyed men and, through sheer determination and the help of strangers, survived. That’s how Kallan found her. He’s seen the monsters too, and his people have fought them for decades. But Ava is a princess of Minore, the nation that abuses and steals from Kallan’s tribe. As the red-eyed men press closer, Ava and Kallan work together to solve the mystery of their power. Little by little their prejudices fall away. She could live forever with him in the wild, free of the whims of an oppressive king and the betrothal he forced on her.

But monsters exist, and they’re going to kill the man she loves. Unless she stops them. To do that, she’ll have to break his heart.

Genre:  Fantasy 

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