My Vampire Plus-One

My Vampire Plus-One

A book by Jenna Levine

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 My Vampire Plus-One  Release Date: September 17, 2024

My Vampire Plus-One

Amelia Collins is tired of constant questions about her non-existent dating life, so she decides to get everyone off her back once and for all by inviting the worst person she can find to pose as her date to a family wedding: Reginald Cleaves.

Reginald is extremely handsome (which is not in his favour for Amelia’s purposes), but he’s also rude, infuriatingly arrogant, and wears a riot of clashing clothes that make him look like he got dressed in a skip – all factors in the plus column. And the date goes well: everyone at the wedding, including Amelia, is horrified by Reginald and his actions, which include crashing the bar, starting up a breakdancing routine on the dance floor, and encouraging the kids to play frisbee with the fine china being used for dinner. (It really is a shame he’s so attractive).

After the evening is over, Reginald admits to Amelia that he’s a vampire, which doesn’t frighten her the way he expects it will. In fact, she asks if he would be willing to accompany her to a few more events over the course of the summer to help her further her goals of getting everyone to leave her alone. But there’s a fine line between love and hate, and the last thing either of them expects is there might be a growing spark between them…

Genre:  Romance 

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