Murder Most Owl (Magical Menagerie Mystery #1)

A book by Sarah Fox

Murder Most Owl (Magical Menagerie Mystery #1) was released on April 2, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Murder Most Owl (Magical Menagerie Mystery #1)  Release Date: April 2, 2024

Murder Most Owl (Magical Menagerie Mystery #1)

It’s been years since screenwriter Georgie Johansen last visited her aunt Olivia’s farm in the coastal town of Twilight Cove and things have certainly changed.

First of all it’s now an animal sanctuary, and then there’s the new farmhand who’s as mysterious as he is handsome. Her first day on the farm, Georgie encounters the eccentric Dorothy Shale, an older woman who lives in a cabin in the woods. There are rumours that Dorothy’s a witch, but Georgie doesn’t believe that. Although, Dorothy does have an unusual magical presence around her . . .

When Dorothy ends up murdered, suspicion falls on Georgie – she was the one who found the poor woman’s body, and being new in town doesn’t help with the suspicion. Things only get worse when it turns out that Dorothy left her valuable plot of land to Auntie O!

Georgie must act fast to clear her and her aunt’s names by finding the real killer. But as bodies start to mount up, the pressure rises. With the help of the unusual powers of Dorothy’s two dogs and great-horned owl, can Georgie uncover the truth before she becomes the killer’s next target?

Genre:  Mystery 

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