Message Deleted

A book by K. L. Slater

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 Message Deleted  Release Date: July 18, 2024

Message Deleted

Saffy is waiting to go into a job interview when she receives a text message from her best friend, Leona:
Can’t speak… don’t text or call… please just come
As Saffy struggles to understand what is happening the phone screen changes:
This message was deleted.

Saffy races to Leona’s house, but when her friend answers the door, she insists everything’s fine. She doesn’t know anything about the message. Saffy can tell something’s not right, but after looking around the house, she can’t think of anything else she can do.

Six hours later, Saffy gets a knock on the door. It’s the police. Leona is missing, with her young child. There’s blood everywhere.And Saffy was the last one to see them alive…

Genre:  Thriller 

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