Meant to Be: 2-in-1: Dual Image and One Summer

Meant to Be: 2-in-1: Dual Image and One Summer

A book by Nora Roberts

Meant to Be: 2-in-1: Dual Image and One Summer was released on January 24, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Meant to Be: 2-in-1: Dual Image and One Summer  Release Date: January 24, 2023

Meant to Be: 2-in-1: Dual Image and One Summer

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts focuses on the love that heals broken hearts with two passionate novels bound in a single volume―Meant to Be.

Dual Image

In a role that propelled her to daytime television stardom, Ariel Kirkwood’s soap opera character reflects her actual playful personality. So when she gets cast as a devious bombshell in famous screenwriter Booth DeWitt’s semiautobiographical film, her dreams of a silver screen career seem assured. Impressed with Ariel’s believable portrayal, Booth can only see her as his heartless ex-wife, the basis for the character. Reading between the lines Booth projects on set, Ariel finds herself falling for the hopeful man beneath the cynicism. To make Booth see that the real Ariel is offering him a chance for love, she’s going to have to change her act.

One Summer

There’s no summer getaway for Celebrity magazine photographer Bryan Mitchell this year. Instead she’ll be spending three months on the road with renowned photojournalist Shade Colby. Their assignment is a nationwide photo shoot, taking candid snapshots of a summer in America for a beautiful coffee table book. But Bryan’s family fun in the sun moments contrasts with Shade’s portraits revealing the dark side of touristy vacations. Unable to agree on whose pictures best represent their project’s ideal, or anything else, Bryan and Shade discover something extraordinary when they come out from behind their cameras to truly see one another―two people longing for truth and beauty, hoping to share their vision of love.

Genre:  Romance 

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