Loved By Two Fiancés (Loved By Two Fiancés #1)

A book by Chizu Aoi

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 Loved By Two Fiancés (Loved By Two Fiancés #1)  Release Date: September 3, 2024

Loved By Two Fiancés (Loved By Two Fiancés #1)

This sweet and spicy Mature-rated tale is about a man with two very different personalities—and a woman determined to navigate them both!

Café barista Hayase Hinako lives with her handsome fiancé Kagaya Seiya, a hotshot lawyer she met in her coffee shop. He’s everything she could ever want in a future husband: sweet, caring, and handy in the kitchen as well as the bedroom. But just when she thinks it’s all smooth sailing, her loving partner transforms from a gentleman into a tyrant overnight! He may look the same on the outside, but he’s not the Seiya she knows and loves…so who is he?!

Genre:  Graphic Novel 

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