Long Live Evil (Time Of Iron #1)

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 Long Live Evil (Time Of Iron #1)  Release Date: July 30, 2024

Long Live Evil (Time Of Iron #1)

Her fictional crush is the villain. And he’s about to meet his match… Rae is a bookworm who prefers fictional men over real life boyfriends.

But her life takes a strange turn when she is trapped by magic inside her favourite fantasy series, and she finds herself pitted against her suddenly living and breathing crush, the ‘Once and Forever Emperor’. In a palace on the brink of war, she has become the villainess in his tale, and she needs to take control of the narrative before it, and the Emperor, take control of her… fatally.

This adult epic fantasy debut from Sarah Rees Brennan puts the reader in the villain’s shoes. Expect a cast of dilettante aristocrats, knights-in-armour, magic-wielding warriors, sarcastic servants and one particularly murderous, if annoyingly handsome, bodyguard.

Genre:  Fantasy 

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