Lion House (Lion House #1)

Lion House (Lion House #1)

A book by Jess Armstrong

Lion House (Lion House #1) was released on February 5, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Lion House (Lion House #1)  Release Date: February 5, 2023

Lion House (Lion House #1)

Fathered by the same vampire, Isobel and Rosali have been stuck together their entire immortal lives, except for the past thirty years. Though both were reborn as daughters of Lion House, that’s the only likeness they share.

With hair as fiery as her temper, Isobel Leonard is as likely to stab you as she is to seduce you. Decked in designer brands, and a kind of fame you can only get on the Vegas strip, Isobel spends her nights under neon lights, warm bodies, and silk sheets.

With her feet firmly planted in the human world, Rosali Evans denies her vampire urges each night. She’s built a life on her own terms; a life brimming with prudently heated blood bags, unlimited books, and sweet solitude.

But when their father, the oldest vampire in existence, disappears, the void in the vampire hierarchy sucks Isobel and Rosali out of their complacency and into the hands of the formidable vampire lord, Alexander Volkov.

Driven by ties rooted in blood, the sisters hunt for their father in a world they thought they’d left behind forever. For Rose, this means confronting everything she despises about her kind, but for Isobel, this might be her only chance to regain everything she’s lost.

It’s been thirty years since the daughters of Lion House have stood face-to-face, and it hasn’t been long enough.

Genre:  Historical Mystery 

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