Lies And Weddings (Cities Trilogy #2)

Lies and Weddings

A book by Kevin Kwan

Lies And Weddings (Cities Trilogy #2) was released on May 21, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Lies And Weddings (Cities Trilogy #2)  Release Date: May 21, 2024

Lies And Weddings (Cities Trilogy #2)


A delicious comedy of manners set on the Big Island of Hawaii, where a decadent wedding serves as the elaborate rouse for a romantic scheme, and an unexpected affair erupts volcanically in the midst

Auggie and Maxxi are getting married and if they had any say in it, this low-key couple would celebrate barefoot in Bali. But unfortunately for them, Auggie was born Lady Augusta Gresham, daughter of a Hong Kong It-Girl and a British duke, and Maxxi was born Prince Maximillian zu Willemsson, heir to a Norwegian oil fortune, and so their wedding, a veritable who’s-who of sultans, barons, and oligarchs, will be held at the family property in Kona, and the bride, like all the great Princesses before her, will wear Valentino-with not a bare foot in sight. Every detail of the affair, from the yacht whale watching to the ice palace atop Mauna Kea to the wine tasting amid former Hawaiian ruins, has been designed with one sole purpose-no, not to celebrate the happy couple–but to make one very eligible, very pedigreed Princess Paloma de Courcy fall in love with Auggie’s surfer-photographer brother. But unfortunately, Rufus Gresham, future Earl of Greshambury, has eyes for someone else, and when a pregnancy test reveals an after-hours tryst, family emotions flare with a heat that would rival Pele, Hawaiian God of fire. An outrageous comedy of manners about family, money, sex, and the lies we tell about the three, Lies and Weddings is a joyful return from one of our greatest social satirists.

Genre:  Romance 

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