Iron-Bound Flames (The Raek Riders Series #1)

Iron-Bound Flames (The Raek Riders Series #1) was released on March 19, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Iron-Bound Flames (The Raek Riders Series #1)  Release Date: March 19, 2024

Iron-Bound Flames (The Raek Riders Series #1)

She will play many roles for her spy, interrogator, even weapon. But what if she wants to be a hero?

Ordinary and lonely kitchen maid, Meera Hailship, volunteers to feed a dangerous creature imprisoned at the palace. Her impulsive decision could end in disembowelment, but against all odds, she survives, striking an unexpected bargain with the deadly creature and an even more unexpected friendship. Meera’s fondness for the feathered, fire-breathing beast called a raek will force her to choose between her king and her conscience.

To rid the raek of his iron muzzle and help his mysterious-and handsome-rider, Meera will have to barter a man’s life, manipulate the king, and play with fire-raek fire, that is. But when doing what’s right is also treason, the consequences could be deadly …

Blending dragon-loving adventure with emotional depth, this thrilling and introspective fantasy is Melanie K. Moschella’s debut novel and the first of five books in The Raek Riders Series.

Genre:  Fantasy 

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