Honoring Christmas

Honoring Christmas

A book by Linda Byler

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 Honoring Christmas  Release Date: September 3, 2024

Honoring Christmas

Amish novelist Linda Byler spins a heartwarming tale set in the early 1800s at Christmastime. 

It’s 1823 and life is not easy for fifteen-year-old Henry. With an alcoholic father and three younger siblings, much of the work of the farm and family life falls on Henry’s shoulders. His mother tries her best to provide for them all, but there never seems to be enough food to go around and their home beside the Juniata River in Pennsylvania is hardly up to the task of sheltering them through the cold winter months.

As Christmas approaches, Henry feels nothing but bitterness. He is keenly aware of how unfair his lot in life is. When a local Amish family tries to befriend him, he pushes them away, not wanting anyone to know how bad off his family really is. But he can’t help being intrigued by their lives. Though not as poor as his own family, they live very simply, and yet the peace and joy they seem to feel is like nothing Henry has ever experienced. And he can’t deny that kind and funny Sarah is the prettiest young woman he’s ever met. Will he allow his heart to soften?

Can love find it’s way through his pain and pride? Author Linda Byler is an active member of the Amish church and writes all her novels by hand with a pen and notebook. She offers a unique and fascinating look into Amish history and culture.

Genre:  General Fiction 

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