Holiday Rebel (The Anna Albertini Files)

Holiday Rebel (The Anna Albertini Files)

A book by Rebecca Zanetti

Holiday Rebel (The Anna Albertini Files) was released on August 29, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Holiday Rebel (The Anna Albertini Files)  Release Date: August 29, 2023

Holiday Rebel (The Anna Albertini Files)

Secrets are Unwrapped during this Holiday Season

Rory Albertini has survived in a world of espionage and danger by being patient and outwaiting any enemy. So, when his fiancé and the only woman he’s ever loved dumps him, he immediately creates an attack plan. He gives her time—with a deadline—to deal with the fact that he can’t talk about his job but will give everything else in his life, including his heart, to her. Yet when danger comes for her, he might have to reveal the deadly skills he wants to hide and then possibly lose her forever.

Serenity McDerny is a stubborn Irishwoman who’d thought she had the ideal life with her hottie Italian fiancé in the best small town in the world. They even picked out rings, when she’d had no clue he wasn’t actually with the forest service. The guy is some type of spy! He lied to her, way too easily, and she can’t let that go. Now, like some arrogant James Bond, he’s given her a deadline to figure things out and get back together with him? While she can handle Rory’s stubbornness as well as the danger coming fast, not even Serenity can avoid the Albertini match-makers when they set their sights on her.

Genre:  Romance 

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