Grimdark Magazine #35

Grimdark Magazine #35

Grimdark Magazine #35 was released on July 1, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Grimdark Magazine #35  Release Date: July 1, 2023

Grimdark Magazine #35

Grimdark Magazine presents the darker, grittier side of fantasy and science fiction. Each quarterly issue features established and new authors to take you through their hard-bitten worlds alongside articles, reviews and interviews. Our stories are grim, our worlds are dark and our morally grey protagonists and anti-heroes light the way with bloody stories of war, betrayal and action.


  • Caver, Continue by Caitlin Starling
  • We Have Always been This Way by Eric LaRocca
  • Lullaby for A Lost World by Aliette de Bodard
  • Last Pale Light in the West by Josh Rountree
  • No Secrets Here by Gemma Amor


  • Weird Horror by Deborah Wolf
  • An Interview with Carissa Orlando
  • Review: The Vampires of El Norte by Isabel CaƱas
  • The Comfort in Horror by Aaron S. Jones
  • Review: The Militia House by John Milas
  • An Interview with Richard Kadrey
  • Review: The Dead Take the A Train by Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey
  • An Interview with Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Genre:  Science Fiction 

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