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Gasps was released on May 26, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Gasps  Release Date: May 26, 2024


Twenty-two gripping and suspenseful bite-sized stories by best-selling psychological thriller author, Miranda Rijks.

These short but addictive reads are perfect for when you need a quick thriller fix. They include stories about justice and revenge and strange things happening to ordinary people. Full of twists and suspense, they’ll get your heart racing and make you gasp out aloud.

Gasps – the bite-sized thrillers from the best-selling author of The Visitors and Make Her Pay.

What readers are saying about

“A deliciously dark collection of startling short stories, quirky characters and twisty endings. Expect the unexpected, the bizarre and the unsettling in this absolute page-turning triumph! A moreish medley of revenge, misfortune and woe.”- AJ Wills – bestselling author of The Phantom Child

“The ONLY thing about this book that I didn’t like …. was that it ended!!! I cannot wait to read even more from Rijks.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“Rijks is a masterful storyteller and expertly lures you into a world that is at times shocking, creepy and wicked, but is always deeply satisfying. From Dissonance, a story about a musical prodigy whose ambition to be the best does not lead to happiness, to Eviction, a chilling tale about a woman who plans her revenge on a scammer, each story will leave you gasping for more.” – AJ McDine – best-selling author of The Baby.

“Mysterious, twisted, dark, eerie, disturbing, and unsettling—this collection has it all. Each story is remarkably unique, showcasing the versatility of this talented author. You will be thrilled and satisfied by clever twists, shiver at dark turns, and find your heart touched by others. I loved picking up these stories for a quick escape when I only had a few minutes to spare. Each and every one made me gasp—some with a tiny intake of unexpected emotion, some with shock.” – Cathryn Grant – best-selling author of The Favourite Child

“WHAT!!!!! WHAT DID I JUST READ!!!! WHAAAAAT! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!??!? This might be one of the most perfect bite-sized psych thriller collections I have seen….If you love short stories (I do!) and if you are looking for bite-sized thrillers that will make you gasp at the end of the story, get this one! – Goodreads reviewer

“Miranda Rijks’ GASPS may be short stories, but this gasp-worthy knock-out collection of 22 irresistible psychological thrillers is big on entertainment and ideal for sampling! The author cleverly showcases her signature chills, thrills, dark humor, and wicked, twisty revenge plots that keep fans returning for more! Razor-sharp, these deliciously mischievous bit-size tales are a super addition to her list of hit titles. Highly recommend—a must-read for psychological thriller fans.”- Judith D. Collins #JDCMustReadBooks Blog

“This is a collection of short stories by the Queen of Twists, Miranda Rijks. I devoured one a day for twenty-two days and enjoyed every single one! Her fans are in for a real treat with this collection.” – AJ Campbell – best-selling author of The Phonecall

“I really enjoyed this book of short stories my favorites were Rich Chocolate, Plagiarism, and Christmas Socks!! But all of them are really fantastic, well written and truly short which was nice

Genre:  Thriller 

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