Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

A book by Maggie Horne

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 Don’t Let It Break Your Heart  Release Date: August 27, 2024

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

You only get one soulmate, and I’m not throwing mine away.

Alana and Gray have been the perfect pair all through high school, and neither of them think that should have to change just because Alana came out as a lesbian. Sure, their romantic relationship is over, but their best-friends-since-forever dynamic is stronger than ever. Really, the only difference is that instead of kissing Gray herself, Alana sets him up with other girls to do that.

Enter Talia: tall, confident, gorgeous. Gray’s master plan is simple: befriend Tal and charm her into being his girlfriend. With Alana’s help, of course. But as Alana spends more time with Tal, she is introduced to a world of possibilities. A world outside her small town. A world in which Alana can fully embrace her queer identity. A world where Alana and Talia are . . . together. As the two get closer, Alana must juggle her loyalty to Gray with her growing feelings for Tal. Can she stay true to herself and to her best friend? More importantly, does she want to?

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