Desert Rogues (3-in-1 Collection)

A book by Susan Mallery

Desert Rogues (3-in-1 Collection) was released on November 29, 2023. This title is available to purchase now.

 Desert Rogues (3-in-1 Collection)  Release Date: November 29, 2023

Desert Rogues (3-in-1 Collection)

The Princess In Waiting

Emma is shocked when Reyhan, the love of her college life, claims that she is his wife. And suddenly he’s claiming to be a desert prince, too. Sure, they’d had a ‘pretend’ ceremony and honeymoon in the Caribbean. But it was pretend, wasn’t it?

Prince Reyhan’s father, the king, has decided it was time for him to marry. There’s just one little glitch — he’s already married. So, the king orders Reyhan’s wife — Emma — to a two-week trip to paradise before he would grant a royal annulment. But isn’t paradise the perfect place for love?

The Bride Who Said No

Including the incredibly handsome crown prince himself. There’s no denying that Murat is a man of mystery, power and many talents. But for a husband, Daphne Snowden wants more. Sure, ‘future queen’ sounds lovely, but she wants someone who sees her as more than a woman to bear the next heir to the throne — someone who loves her.

Still, there’s not only unfinished business between them, but burning desire. And though time has changed Murat, it hasn’t erased her interest in the only man she’s ever loved.

The Christmas Bride

Dedicated teacher Kayleen James is determined to safeguard the future of her orphaned students — even if it means defying Prince As’ad of El Deharia himself. But the seductive ruler stuns her by offering to adopt the three little girls. On one condition…

Suddenly, As’ad is a single father in desperate need of a nanny, and Kayleen is the only woman for the job. Soon the palace is in an uproar, and all because of the spirited redhead. Losing his heart isn’t part of the arrangement, until Kayleen shows the honour-bound man what he’d been missing. Can he convince her that she belongs in his palace as his princess — and his wife?

Genre:  Romance 

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