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 Cyn  Release Date: June 4, 2024


Haunted by her past lives, both as a human and as the cybernetic enforcer known as Cyn, Meris is desperate to live a peaceful existence. Drawing from sci-fi and Western influences, Cyn is a thrilling meditation on redemption, self-sacrifice, and found family from the mind of acclaimed comics creator Ibrahim Moustafa ( RetroActive , Mother Gotham A.D. )A cloaked figure stumbles from a cargo ship, a wreckage of would-be attackers in her wake. What should have killed her only proves what she already knows – Her body will not let her die.

Fleeing her bloody past as the masked government enforcer known as Cyn, Meris is discovered unconscious by a former Union medic and his two adopted daughters. As they nurse her back to health and she struggles to adapt to a world far from the brutal life she was forced to lead as Cyn, two things become her past isn’t ready to let her go, and she isn’t the only one whose dark, secret history is threatening to destroy their present.

From acclaimed comics creator Ibrahim Moustafa ( RetroActive , Mother Gotham A.D. ) comes a Western-tinged sci-fi tale of savagery and salvation, where one woman’s road to redemption leads through an interstellar frontier as harsh and unforgiving as her own past.

Genre:  Science Fiction 

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