Bingsu For Two

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 Bingsu For Two  Release Date: January 14, 2025

Bingsu For Two

Half-Korean, full-disaster River Langston-Lee is desperate to salvage his senior year of high school (and the rest of his life, while he’s at it).

After dumping his girlfriend, walking out of the SATs, and quitting his job at his parent’s coffee shop all in one day, landing a gig at a failing Korean cafe, Bingsu for Two, seems like his lucky break. Until he discovers his new coworker is the snarky goth girl who humiliated him: Sarang Cho, who’s as determined to save her family’s cafe as she is to make River’s life hell.

When River accidentally uploads a video of his coworkers to his popular fandom account, Bingsu for Two goes viral, but to keep the internet’s attention and save the store, River and Sarang must pretend to be a couple for their adoring subscribers. Easier said than done when they’re one more milk frothing incident away from throwing hands in the breakroom. Between brewing coffee and acting lovey-dovey for the camera, River realizes Sarang isn’t the heartless girl he originally took her for.

But when his ex-girlfriend and old coworkers blackmail him into tanking Bingsu for Two’s fame, River must choose: sabotage Sarang and the one place that feels like home, or save himself from his parents finding out that he’s helping the competitor run their family’s cafe out of business.

Genre:  Romance 

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