Better Left Buried

A book by Mary E. Roach

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 Better Left Buried  Release Date: August 6, 2024

Better Left Buried

Lucy Preston just wants to go on vacation. The beach-swimsuit-sleeping-in kind. Not the impromptu stop in a creepy small town at the edge of the forest kind.

But being the daughter of a famous private detective means that sometimes, your beach vacay goes off the rails a bit. Because the first thing Lucy’s mom does? Takes her to the abandoned amusement park for a clandestine meeting—except instead of a meeting, they find a body. Because of course they do.

As Lucy’s mom is swept into top-secret private-detective stuff, Lucy sets out on her own to investigate her mom’s mysterious connection with this town. Lucy’s snooping sets her on a collision course with Audrey Nelson, the mysterious girl on the motorcycle who Lucy could swear she saw near the amusement park the night the body was found.

If Lucy and Audrey can’t work together to uncover secrets that go back generations, there will likely be another body found at the base of the old vine-covered roller coaster outside of town. And this time it might just be Lucy’s.

Genre:  LGBTQ+, Mystery 

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