Assassins Anonymous

A book by Rob Hart

Assassins Anonymous was released on June 11, 2024. This title is available to purchase now.

 Assassins Anonymous  Release Date: June 11, 2024

Assassins Anonymous

In this thriller full of action, humor, and charm, the world’s most lethal assassin has left the violent life behind and joined a 12-step group for recovering killers.

But when he’s attacked and barely survives, he must figure out who’s after him and why—without breaking his pledge never to kill again.

Mark is the most dangerous killer-for-hire in the world. His nickname—the Pale Horse—breathes fear into the cold heart of every rival who hears it. But after learning the hard way that this life has made him more monster than man, Mark has left all of that behind. With the help of his sponsor, Kenji, he has joined a group of former assassins who meet in secret for support in recovery.

Then he’s viciously attacked by an unknown assailant. Thrust back into the shadowy world of betrayal and assassination, injured and on the run from New York to Singapore to London, Mark must solve the mystery of who’s coming for him and why. Has the Agency decided he knows too much and must be taken out? Has a rival decided to attack now that he’s laid his weapons down? Has one of the thousands of people who might want revenge finally come for it? And how will he survive the onslaught without killing anyone? For an assassin, Mark learns, non-violence is a real hassle.

A perfectly paced, globe-trotting, and action-filled thriller, Assassins Anonymous is also full of both hilarity and heart, witty and surprisingly affecting, and will delight fans of John Wick and Barry .

Genre:  Thriller 

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