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Trisha Ashley

 Trisha Ashley 2024 Releases

June 22, 2023 - The Wedding Dress Repair Shop

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Trisha Ashley New Book Releases

Trisha Ashley is a best-selling author in the UK, known for her work in the romance genre. Her novels have been twice shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan Award for Romantic Comedy, and “Every Woman for Herself” was recognized as one of the top three romantic novels in the last fifty years by magazine readers.


Trisha Ashley Books List

Trisha Ashley Books List

Lancashire Series

  1. The Magic of Christmas (2006) (also known as Sweet Nothings)
  2. A Winter’s Tale (2008)
  3. Wedding Tiers (2009)
  4. Chocolate Wishes (2010)
  5. Twelve Days of Christmas (2010)
  6. Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues (2012)

Trisha Ashley’s standalone novels are as follows:

  1. Good Husband Material (2000)
  2. A Leap of Faith (2001) (also known as The Urge to Jump)
  3. Every Woman for Herself (2002)
  4. A Good Heart is Hard to Find (2003) (also known as Singled Out)
  5. Sowing Secrets (2004) (also known as The Generous Gardener)
  6. Lord Rayven’s Revenge (2007)
  7. Written From the Heart (2008) (also known as Happy Endings)
  8. Wish Upon a Star (2013)
  9. Creature Comforts (2015)
  10. A Christmas Cracker (2015)
  11. The Little Teashop of Lost and Found (2017)
  12. The House of Hopes and Dreams (2018)
  13. The Christmas Invitation (2019)
  14. The Garden of Forgotten Wishes (2020)
  15. One More Christmas at the Castle (2021)
  16. The Wedding Dress Repair Shop (2023)

Ashley has also published a collection titled “Footsteps in the Snow” (2014), as well as the following novellas and short stories:

  1. Finding Mr Rochester (2014)
  2. A Piece of Cake (2014)
  3. A Vintage Christmas (2015)

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