Tarryn Fisher

 Here’s the full list of the new/next Tarryn Fisher books in release date order:

Tarryn Fisher

 Tarryn Fisher 2024 Releases

March 19, 2024 - Good Half Gone

February 28, 2023 - Never Never

Tarryn Fisher 2024 & Beyond Books

Tarryn Fisher New Book Releases

Tarryn Fisher is a novelist originally from South Africa, currently residing in Seattle, Washington, United States. She primarily pens works in the genres of romance, thriller, and new adult. Fisher has gained recognition for her novels The Wives and The Wrong Family, both of which have made it to The New York Times bestseller list.

Tarryn Fisher Books List

Tarryn Fisher is the author of numerous works across various series and standalone novels. Check out Tarryn Fisher books in order below:

Love Me With Lies Series

  1. The Opportunist (2011)
  2. Dirty Red (2012)
  3. Thief (2013)

Never Never Series (with Colleen Hoover)

  1. Never Never: Part One (2015)
  2. Never Never: Part Two (2015)
  3. Never Never: Part Three (2016)
  4. Never Never (2023)

End of Men Series (with Willow Aster)

  1. Folsom (2018)
  2. Jackal (2018)

Standalone Novels

  1. Mud Vein (2014)
  2. Marrow (2015)
  3. F*ck Love (2015)
  4. Bad Mommy (2016)
  5. Atheists Who Kneel and Pray (2017)
  6. F*ck Marriage (2019)
  7. The Wives (2019)
  8. The Wrong Family (2020)
  9. An Honest Lie (2022)
  10. Good Half Gone (2024)

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