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 Here’s the full list of the new/next Shari Lapena books in release date order:

Shari Lapena Releases

 Shari Lapena 2024 Releases

July 18, 2024 - What Have You Done?

July 6, 2023 - Everyone Here is Lying

January 4, 2023 - The Couple Next Door, Not a Happy Family, The End of Her – 3 Books Set

Shari Lapena 2024 & Beyond Books

Shari Lapena New Book Releases

Shari Lapena is a Canadian author known for her thriller novels. She started her career as a lawyer and English teacher before transitioning to writing. Her debut novel, “Things Go Flying,” was published in 2008. However, she is best known for her 2016 thriller, “The Couple Next Door,” which became a bestseller in Canada and internationally.

Shari Lapena Books List

Shari Lapena New Book 2023 Release Date

In July 2023, Shari Lapena released her new book “Everyone Here Is Lying”. 2023 also saw the release of “The Couple Next Door, Not a Happy Family, The End of Her” omnibus edition.

Shari Lapena Books In Order

  1. Things Go Flying (2009)
  2. Happiness Economics (2011)
  3. The Couple Next Door (2016)
  4. A Stranger in the House (2017)
  5. An Unwanted Guest (2018)
  6. Someone We Know (2019)
  7. The End of Her (2020)
  8. Not a Happy Family (2021)
  9. Everyone Here is Lying (2023)

As noted above, Lapena has an omnibus edition that includes:

  • The Couple Next Door / Not a Happy Family / The End of Her (2023)

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