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Peter Heller

 New & Upcoming Peter Heller books

July 25, 2023 - The Last Ranger

Peter Heller 2024 Books

We continously monitor for the next Peter Heller 2024 book releases. New Peter Heller books will be added here as soon as they're announced.

Peter Heller New 2023 Book Releases

Renowned for his contributions to NPR, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, and Outside Magazine, Peter Heller has solidified his reputation not only as a journalist but also as a successful novelist. His work often reflects a deep connection with nature and adventure, a passion he has cultivated throughout his career in journalism.

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Peter Heller Next Books

Peter Heller 2023 Upcoming Book Releases

In 2023, Peter Heller releases one new novel:

  • “The Last Ranger”

Peter Heller’s Books in Order

Here are Peter Heller’s published works, organized by category and listed in order of publication:


  1. The Dog Stars (2012)
  2. The Painter (2014)
  3. Celine (2017)
  4. The River (2019)
  5. The Orchard (2019)
  6. The Guide (2021)
  7. The Last Ranger (2023)


  1. Hell Or High Water (2004)
  2. The Whale Warriors (2007)
  3. Kook (2010)


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