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 Here’s the full list of the new/next Mike Maden books in release date order:

Mike Maden

 Mike Maden 2024 Releases

June 6, 2023 - Clive Cussler Fire Strike (The Oregon Files #17)

Mike Maden 2024 & Beyond Books

We continously monitor for the next Mike Maden 2024 book releases. New Mike Maden books will be added here as soon as they're announced.

Mike Maden New Book Releases

Mike Maden is an American author known for his work on the Jack Ryan Jr. novels, which form a part of the larger Tom Clancy universe. He has also developed the Drone series, a set of techno-thrillers.

Mike Maden Books List

Mike Maden Books In Order

Here is a comprehensive list of books authored by Mike Maden in their order of publication:

Troy Pearce

  1. Drone (2013)
  2. Blue Warrior (2014)
  3. Drone Command (2015)
  4. Drone Threat (2016)

Oregon Files (with Clive Cussler)

  1. Hellburner (2022)
  2. Fire Strike (2023)

Jack Ryan, Jr.


  1. Point of Contact (2017)
  2. Line of Sight (2018)
  3. Enemy Contact (2019)
  4. Firing Point (2020)

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