Dinah Jefferies

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Dinah Jefferies

 Dinah Jefferies 2024 Releases

November 28, 2023 - Night Train To Marrakech (The Daughters Of War #3)

Dinah Jefferies 2024 & Beyond Books

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Dinah Jefferies New Book Releases

Dinah Jefferies is a British novelist known for her historical fiction set in exotic locales, often in the early 20th century. Born in Malaysia in 1948 and later moving to the UK, her personal experience and memories of living in the East during her early years have greatly influenced the atmospheric settings and vivid details in her writing.

Some of her notable novels include:

  • “The Separation” (2014)
  • “The Tea Planter’s Wife” (2015)
  • “The Silk Merchant’s Daughter” (2016)
  • “Before the Rains” (2017)
  • “The Sapphire Widow” (2018)

Her sole release in 2023 isĀ “Night Train to Marrakech,” the third book in “The Daughters of War” series.

Jefferies’ novels often delve into topics like love, betrayal, and the impact of cultural differences. Her works provide readers with a combination of rich historical details and compelling personal dramas.

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