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Celeste Ng is an author and writer from the United States. Ng made her debut in the world of novels with “Everything I Never Told You”, launched in June 2014. The novel gained immediate acclaim, winning the title of Amazon’s Book of the Year and earning laudatory reviews from literary critics.


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Celeste Ng Books – FAQ

What genres does Celeste Ng write in?

Celeste Ng primarily writes literary fiction that often explores themes of family, identity, and belonging.

What was Celeste Ng’s first novel?

Celeste Ng’s debut novel is “Everything I Never Told You”, which was released in 2014.

Has Celeste Ng won any awards?

Yes, her first novel “Everything I Never Told You” won Amazon’s Book of the Year award in 2014. Her second novel “Little Fires Everywhere” also received significant acclaim.

What themes are prevalent in Celeste Ng’s work?

Ng’s work often delves into issues of identity, family dynamics, race, and societal expectations.

Has any of Celeste Ng’s work been adapted into a TV series or movie?

Yes, Ng’s second novel “Little Fires Everywhere” was adapted into a television miniseries by Hulu in 2020.

Are Celeste Ng’s books available in other languages?

Yes, her books have been translated into more than thirty languages.



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