Brian Sitts

 Here’s the full list of the new/next Brian Sitts books in release date order:

Brian Sitts

 Brian Sitts 2024 Releases

January 4, 2024 - Holmes, Miss Marple & Poe Investigations

July 3, 2023 - Circle of Death (Shadow #2)

Brian Sitts 2024 & Beyond Books

Brian Sitts New Book Releases

Brian Sitts is known for his collaborations with celebrated author James Patterson. Together, they’ve introduced readers to the ongoing “Shadow” series.

Brian Sitts Books List

Brian Sitts 2023 Book Releases

In 2023, Brian Sitts teamed up with James Patterson to deliver the second installment of the Shadow series, “Circle of Death.”

Brian Sitts Books In Order

Below is a comprehensive list of Brian Sitts’ books, sorted by series and publication date:

Shadow (with James Patterson)

  1. The Shadow (2021)
  2. Circle of Death (2023)

Middle School (with James Patterson)

  1. It’s a Zoo in Here (2022)
  2. Winter Blunderland (2022)

Doc Savage Thriller (with James Patterson)

  1. The Perfect Assassin (2022)


Holmes, Miss Marple & Poe Investigations (2024) (with James Patterson)


Two from the Heart (2017) (with Frank Costantini, James Patterson, and Emily Raymond)

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